Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Messing with my head and heart – a week from hell

It’s been a grim week. A week from hell.

First it was Gaza, then MH17, then the Christian flight from Mosul. Waves of human misery crashing down on my head and heart. Of course I only had to hear about it from the comfort of my own London bubble – I wasn’t experiencing it physically. But we’re all connected, right? Somehow we’ve got to process this stuff in a way that reflects light not darkness.
There have been times when I wonder if human beings are really that bad. This week has not been one of those times. It hasn’t just been unspeakable acts committed abroad that have left me shaking my head at our broken world – it’s been the response on social media from those closer to home. There has been finger-pointing, blame and counter blame, excuses and justification for violence, even celebration at the news of some killed in action. All this played out in my Facebook and Twitter feed between banal cricket score updates and rumours of football transfers. It’s been messing with my head and my heart.
In my darkest moments only 3 words seemed adequate.
Lord have mercy.
A prayer. A plea. An admission of guilt. A cry for help.

Of course a prayer is never enough - not unless it's embodied as well as spoken. But it's the start of an alternative narrative.
Lord have mercy on us all.

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